Underground Greenhouse for Food Year Round

The underground greenhouse, has no expensive clear sides (plastic or glass), a cheap plastic sheet roof to let in more light than glass, and heat loss through walls to the air, which can be colder than the ground (57 degrees Farenheit or so), so it will be cheaper to build and run. 

Of course, it's a lot of digging, and the left over dirt must go somewhere.  Hint: Save the top 10 inches of top soil when starting to dig for use in the greenhouse.

Rain Water Capture: LA Imports Nearly 85 Percent of Its Water—Can It Change That by Gathering Rain?

An article reference from Yes Magazine.  Why is it included on this web site?  The direction of short term change towards long term goals of Los Angeles Area water independence from imported water is half way told.  It's just one journalist's research of many residential advocates  in the LA neighborhood. 

Global Sustainability: Food Gardening at home is fun, tastes delicious and replaces water guzzling grass.

There are many reasons to plant a home garden. Nothing tastes more delicious than a hand picked tomato, orange, blackberry, basil, and the list can go on forever. Eaten at the peak of perfection, you truly appreciate the bounty of earth and the importance of water in the growth cycle.

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