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When it rains, Los Angeles sends billions of gallons of 'free liquid gold' down the drain

During one of this winter’s frequent storms, sheets of rainwater spilled from roofs, washed across sidewalks and down gutters into a sprawling network of underground storm drains that empty into the Los Angeles River channel. (Same goes for Ballona Flood Control Channel. Billions of gallons of rainwater
flow into the Pacific Ocean at Santa Monica Bay.)

You can reduce your water bill by capturing "free" rainwater.
Private homes cover 60% of our developed LA land mass. 

89% of our water comes from hundreds of miles away. 
Do your part. Capture "free" rainwater on site. 
Adapt simple methods described here. 
Plants and trees will thrive.
Rain Water Capture and Reuse discussion by Jeanette Vosburg at the Culver City Garden Club  9.2.15. Capturing rainwater has saved 40% on the water bill from 2014 and 2015. Jeanette suggests choosing one or two of her ideas on your own property. 41 Minutes

Action Item For A Homeowner: If you own a home or unimproved land, consider capturing water on site. Exploring Rainwater Capture Options.pdf
Action Item For Activitist: 100+WAYS TO CONSERVE
Implications of Ballona Wetlands Restoration - Travis Longcore

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Marina del Rey, CA: Why and How MDR Was Created with 1954 U.S. Docs 389 and 780 / Documents and Excerpts

U.S. House Documents 389 and 780 have great relevance to the
Ballona Wetlands Restoration and Marina del Rey - see page 47 of Doc. 389 for a Map.

MDR was created with the combined efforts of U.S. Congress, Los Angeles County & Los Angeles City.

How to Drain a Wetland and Get Away With It; The Betrayal Of The Public's Trust

As is seen below in the photos from 1952 and 1997 Ballona ponds during the rainy season when allowed to do so, even with the presence of the Army Corp/ LA County built - Ballona Channel.
Playa Vista developers have always argued that their mega-development was not on a wetland, which is countered by their own internal e-mails to Los Angeles Building & Safety Department - 6/8/99 Playa Vista email to LADBS. 

The Undervalued trees of L.A. from LA Times Editorial p.9, January 2, 2019

Paragraph 7 and 8 Quotes 
"A mature urban forest and dense canopy can provide relief on the hottest days -- shaded surfaces can be 20 to 45 degrees cooler than those in direct sun -- and reduce air conditioning demand, which helps ease the strain on the city's electrical grid."
"The roots also capture and store rainwater, which helps the city make better use of its water supply at a time of more extreme weather conditions and wider swings between periods of drought and flooding."

California Public Utilities Commission Brief - SoCalGas Safety Complaint Cases No. 00-05-010, 00-05-011, 00-05-012 September 29, 2005 Endres Testimony - Grassroots Coalition

California Public Utilities Commission Brief
SoCalGas Safety Complaint Cases No. 00-05-010, 00-05-011, 00-05-012 9/29/05 Bernard Endres, Ph.D. Testimony - Grassroots Coalition


California Public Utilities Commission Brief 


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